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We Find the Japanese Industrial Parts that Fit Your Needs

We Find the Japanese Industrial Parts That Fit Your Needs

Japanese Liaison

Customers looking for capital equipment and heavy machinery parts made in Japan rely on Legacy Japan Inc. Working as Japanese liaison officers, we give you a hassle-free experience in getting all the industrial supplies you need.

Custom Tubing Custom Bent Tubing

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Japanese Origami

Japanese Origami

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Exclusive Distributor of  KOFLOC Products in the U.S.

Mass Flow Controller/ Meter/ Accessory


Pressure Regulating Valves

Pressure Regulating Valve MODEL 6600 SERIES Pressure Regulator Valve MODEL 6610 SERIES Large Capacity Back Pressure Valve MODEL 6801 SERIES

Flow Meters and Controllers for Liquid

Liquid Flow Controller FCL-200 Small Karman Vortex Flow Meter for Liquids FM01 SERIES Precision Needle Valve w/Non-rotary Needle MODEL 2412 SERIES

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