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Japanese Liaison

Highly Qualified Japanese Translator & Business Liaison Officer

Headquartered in Fremont, California, Legacy Japan Inc. is a highly sought-after Japanese-speaking business that offers liaison officer services. We help U.S. and Canadian industrial manufacturers, research and development agencies, engineering companies, and more to get the best selection of quality parts and supplies made in Japan, be it specialty or consumable parts. Primarily serving the medical equipment and semiconductor industry, we offer the following parts:

• PFA™ Tubing & Manifolds
• Pressure Sensors

Flow Meters

• Filters

New Custom Products

Recently, we have expanded our product line-up to include customized valves, tubings, and filters. We also have a new type of valve and bondings. These can be used for chemicals and deionized (DI) water, and have bodies made from PTFE™, PFA™, and PP™. Our state-of-the-art valves can be used for various chemicals and come in various temperature and pressure ranges. We carry:

• Pneumatic
• Toggle

• Manual
• Drain

• Cock

Bilingual Expertise

Culture is important to the Japanese because of reputation and quality, among other things. Customers normally find it hard to just call on their own due to the language barrier and cultural differences. Due to our fluency in the language and understanding of the culture, we bridge the communication gap between our customers and Japanese partners.

Standard Process

Buying parts made in Japan without a liaison is difficult, so allow us to do the hard work for you. We get up very early to accommodate your order, and stay up late to forward them to our Japanese partners. Having established trust with these manufacturers, we are able to talk with you about the details and then relay this to our connections in Japan. Aside from letting you know what exactly you're getting, we help you understand that there is a certain time frame required to guarantee product quality. We take pride in having solid and exclusive partnerships with all of our suppliers.

Contact us today in Fremont, California, and learn how a highly qualified business liaison officer can help make buying equipment parts from Japan a breeze.

Japanese Origami

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